PIR national projects

The following national projects work closely with others who are involved in the initiative, such as the Department of Health and staff of the PIR organisations.

Capacity building project

The aim of the capacity building project is to support the implementation of PIR through national networking and information-sharing. The capacity building team is responsible for building and sustaining the capacity of PIR organisations and their Support Facilitators.

Flinders University has been engaged to perform this role. The primary contact is Tania Shelby-James, phone (08) 7221 8517.

Resource development project

The resource development project has now concluded and involved the collation of existing resources and the development of new tools to assist with the implementation of PIR. Siggins Miller Consultants Pty Ltd were engaged to perform this role, which concluded in December 2013.

Evaluation and monitoring project

The evaluation and monitoring project will determine the extent to which PIR has improved the coordination and integration of services and whether this has had an impact on the health outcomes of people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs.

Urbis Pty Ltd has been engaged to perform this role. Primary contacts at Urbis are Alison Wallace and Chloe Harkness, phone (02) 8233 9900.

More details about the role and function of the national projects can be found in the 'Operational Guidelines' for PIR organisations, which are located in the Resource List.